Northampton College provides a range of services to offer the best support to its students. The range of services provided at each site varies slightly to meet the particular needs of the students that study at each site. The services that each site provides are detailed below.

Location First and second floors E-Block. Ground Floor opposite the canteen. First Floor L1.

Access Stairs or lift behind The Lookout Express. Stairs or lift within library. Ramped access. Stairs or lift opposite reception.

Group Room One Group Room and two Seminar Rooms are available for group study. The Seminar Rooms can be booked in advance. A large room is available for groups. A group room is available for group study.

Silent Study Room Silent Study Rooms are available at all sites. There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding noise.

Printed Materials Textbooks, reference books, magazines and journals tailored to the subjects offered at each site. Local and national newspapers, a growing fiction collection, books for staff development, university prospectuses, CV writing and careers advise resources are also available. Large print resources are available.
A large collection of publications covering the local history of Northamptonshire.

E-Resources The library is subscribed to eBook catalogues, eJournals and databases that can be accessed within the college or at home.

DVDs Educational DVDs and feature films are available to loan at all sites.

Computers Computers are available for students and staff with free access to the internet. All applications that are required for courses are available. Some specialist packages are on a limited number of machines.

Laptops Laptops are available for use in the Seminar Rooms and Group Rooms Laptops are available for use in the library. At present no laptops are available.

iPads At present no iPads are available. iPads are available for use within the library with a limited number of apps. You must agree to the library’s iPad policy before they can be issued to you. At present no iPads are available.

Printing Black and white printing is available. Black and white and colour printing is available. Colour printing costs 20p per sheet.
Printer credits can be bought in the library at a cost of £1 for 25 pages.

Photocopying Photocopying is available at a cost of 3p per sheet.

Scanners Selected computers are reserved for scanner use. Photocopiers have ‘Scan and Send’ capabilities.

Video Magnifier All sites have a video magnifier to assist those with a visual impairemnet or dyslexia.

Stationery Items such as pens, folders, memory sticks and more can be bought in all three libraries.

Office Equipment Items such as staplers, hole-punchers, scissors and guillotines are available for use at all sites.

Off Air Recording Television programmes for educational purposes can be recorded up to two weeks after being aired.

Learning Facilitators Learning Facilitators are available to help students access information, use it and present it. This can include training in research, evaluating information and using basic skills Microsoft Word.

Events Challenges and events are run across all sites including the Six Book Challenge, Reading Journey, Photography Competition and more.